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April 04

The Wisconsin Primary

Time seems to speed up during primary season, and somehow, it is already voting day in Wisconsin. And as every state has been, there are polls and front runners and rallies and town halls, but anything can happen and the winner is never set in stone. But as this time does go on, the race […]

Walker Endorses Cruz

March 29

Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz

Right before the Wisconsin primary, the one time presidential nominee was again on everyone’s lips. Who would Governor Scott Walker endorse to be the Republican nominee? This morning, he answered that question by endorsing Senator Ted Cruz. At the beginning of this primary race, Scott Walker was very much a favorite. He shocked everyone, however, […]

July 14

The Primary Battle: Who Can Take Iowa and New Hampshire?

All states are not created equal when it comes to a presidential race, and for this reason you may hear about two more than any other when it comes to the primaries. These two states are New Hampshire and Iowa. Iowa, for its unique caucus voting method, which basically separates the states into “neighborhoods,” and […]