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December 20

Trump Links Cyberattack To China

By Claire Hardwick Despite Secretary of State Mike Pompeo linking the cyberattack on the US government to Russia, President Trump made sure to correct his secretary. In a series of tweets today, President Trump not only linked the cyberattacks to Russia, but found a way to also link it to the alleged election fraud that […]

December 12

Who is Rex Tillerson?

Out of all the potential candidates for President-elect Donald Trump’s top cabinet role, the one who is now in the lead is the least well known in the political realm. He is, however, known in the business realm. Sources close to the transition team say that it is only a matter of time until Rex […]

December 12

The Continued Cold War

The cyber-attacks that happened during the election were somehow overshadowed by the campaigns in general. While Hillary Clinton’s campaign was the target of these attacks, and while she said that these were from Russia in order to undermine the political process, she was still ahead in almost every national poll, so they somehow did not […]