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November 26

We Are Not In A Civil War

By Claire Hardwick While I have been trying to spend time off of social media over the Thanksgiving holiday, I couldn’t help but check this evening after the bombshell news that General Michael Flynn received a presidential pardon from President Trump.  When I first heard the news, I didn’t have a response either way. I […]

November 25

The New Trump Party

The New Trump Party

December 14

Inside Kanye West’s Meeting With Donald Trump

A notorious Twitter user met with another notorious Twitter user today. It’s quite the image to think of what the journalists parked inside Trump Tower must have thought when they saw Kanye West, fresh out of rehab for a psychological breakdown, walk through the front doors and head to the elevators. They must have had […]

December 05

Trump’s Communication

At the end of the day, the president’s job is to lead the American people. And how the president leads is often congruent with how he communicates to the people. When the president talks, the people-most of the time- listen. Which is why there are certain ways president’s communicate that go down in history. FDR’s […]