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July 12

Pence for Trump’s VP?

With the Republican National Convention just around the corner, the attention of the election has turned to vice president picks. After months of speculation, it is now unavoidable for the candidates to choose a running mate. This will change the nature of the election, as there are now two people to watch and listen to. […]

July 06

Paul Ryan Bumps Heads with Trump, Again

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is one of the few Party insiders in DC who has come out for Donald Trump. His former running mate, Mitt Romney, has not only come out against the presumptive nominee, but actively campaigns against him. In this context, it is surprising that Ryan has gone against the current […]

May 10

Cruz Hints at a Comeback

As every lawyer, author, and poet knows, there are power in your words. The power lies in the ability to use them to your advantage, or interpret words to someone else’s disadvantage. For this reason, there is special attention right now to the word “suspend.” You might have noticed that when all candidate announce that […]

May 10

Another Clue to the Ryan, Trump Feud

Today, Paul Ryan added another bit of fuel to the fire of his recent lack of endorsement for Donald Trump. Last week, Ryan said that he was not ready to get behind Trump yet. This normally would have been okay, but after Kasich and Cruz suspended their campaigns, Ryan’s opinion on the presumptive nominee is […]

April 28

The Pros and Cons to Cruz’s Big Announcement

After Trump won big in five Northeast states, there was definitely a feeling of huge momentum for the candidate and his campaign. From his wins, Trump said he was the “presumptive nominee.” As we have seen in this election cycle, wins like this are turning points for all candidates. After South Carolina, we saw Jeb […]

April 25

The 2016 Republican Primary Irony

Every four years, you hear the same speech that this is the most important election in history. Depending on the topic or the political climate, there is a sense of urgency for real change and positive action. But for the 2016 Republican primary, these words seem even more potent, and the phrase seems to apply […]