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December 14

Inside Kanye West’s Meeting With Donald Trump

A notorious Twitter user met with another notorious Twitter user today. It’s quite the image to think of what the journalists parked inside Trump Tower must have thought when they saw Kanye West, fresh out of rehab for a psychological breakdown, walk through the front doors and head to the elevators. They must have had […]

December 08

Donald Trump’s Illusive Climate Change Stance

President-elect Donald Trump has been busy choosing he he wants to help lead his administration. While it seemed he gave preference to public leaders who were most loyal to him throughout his campaign, he has other areas of extreme importance that will shape his time as president. One of the most important of these is […]

December 05

Trump’s Communication

At the end of the day, the president’s job is to lead the American people. And how the president leads is often congruent with how he communicates to the people. When the president talks, the people-most of the time- listen. Which is why there are certain ways president’s communicate that go down in history. FDR’s […]

December 01

Politico Reports Ivanka Will Address Climate Change

One of the biggest complaints, and attacks, from the left against the right is their denial of climate change. It is a war cry that many times, turns would be Republican voters away from the party. But on the right, there is a strong group that opposes climate change. They do not want the regulation […]

November 21

What’s Next for Chris Christie

President-elected Donald Trump shocked the world November 8th. The presidential win was perceived impossible. So much so, that those who stood by Donald Trump, especially from the beginning, are expected to seriously cash in on their loyalty. Because Republican politicians were slow, and often opposed, to siding with Trump, the ones who did stood out. […]

October 05

The gun control debate: which side are you on?

Last week, gun control advocates received more ammunition for their fight against what many believe is an American right, and what is laid in stone in the Bill of Rights as the second amendment. There is another surge with the battle cry: how many more mass shootings until we see some change? Why can’t there […]

May 29

The Power of Senator Orrin Hatch

While I was in New York City today, I saw three secret service cars pull up. A black SUV drove up, and the door was promptly open, letting out a tall, white haired man in a suit. With a closer look, I thought it may be Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah. Back in my car, there […]