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May 15

Republicans Continue Fight Against Obamacare

In the ever present battle to defund, derail, and deactivate Obamacare, Republicans are issuing another strategy, and this time it is to let states opt out of Obamacare mandates. As many Americans forget our country is based on the balance of power between the federal and state governments, this is actually not too bad of […]

May 02

The Time is Now for Republicans

In 2008, it looked like a bad future for the Republican Party. With a new president, who made promises of affordable health care, of new economic opportunities, and the end of a war in the Middle East, there was fire support for the Democrats. Majority of youth voters across the country vowed their support for […]

March 25

Republicans Fight Against Obamacare

After five years of the Affordable Care Act becoming law, Republicans in the House and the Senate are steadfast in their need to repeal it and start over. In particular, Senator Ted Cruz stated in his announcement that he will run for president, that this is one of his main platforms. Many have lost their […]

Republicans Serious About Obamacare

The new fiscal year is starting in 10 weeks, and conservatives are using this as a prime opportunity to defund the healthcare law. On the senate floor last week, Senator Lee from Utah said the law was unfair and unaffordable. In his speech he said, ¬†“A joint report by Republicans on the House Energy and […]

Republicans Are Watchdogs for Obamacare

Senators are continuing to push Obama on his healthcare legislation. The Republicans in the senate along with House Republican Committee leaders sent a letter requesting the administration’s data they collected on 24 states. This request is after the administration released a report on 11 states. Republicans are pushing for full transparency, and are very much […]

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House Republicans Won’t Give Up Fight

After 40 times that the House has tried to stop Obamacare, Republicans still have not given up. In an article by Elise Viebeck reporting for The Hill, Speaker Boehner’s interview will be aired tomorrow on Face the Nation, where he tells his viewers¬†“ObamaCare is bad for America. “We’re going to do everything we can to […]