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July 07

Trump Confirms He’ll Bring Gingrich on Board

Trump spoke at a rally in Ohio, where he gave the crowd some information that got a roaring response. He said, “In one form or another, New Gingrich is going to be involved with our government.” Trump continued, praising Gingrich, saying, “he’s smart, he’s tough, he gets it…and he says I’m the biggest thing he’s […]

May 15

New to Gingrich for Trump’s VP?

After Senator Ted Cruz made the surprise announcement that he chose Carly Fiorina as his VP running mate, people started to wonder who Trump would choose. Cruz’s announcement came as such a surprise, that there was no time for political commentators to speculate and make predictions. There was also no time for his voters and […]

May 13

Gingrich and Boehner Push Trump

Donald Trump’s campaign shifted quite significantly over these past few weeks. Before, it was the world shocked when Governor Chris Christie formally endorsed him for president, and many wrote it off that it was just because he was mad at the GOP. But now,  real political hard hitters are starting to throw the punches for […]