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June 11

Rubio’s Media Swag

There is a reason people unofficially call the media the fifth branch of government. Unless you’re watching CSPAN or reading Senators’ and Congressmen’s press releases, many find out all their news from the news. Furthermore, in a time where journalists have become more of a voter influence than an objective viewpoint, the politician’s appeal to […]

May 04

From Confusion Comes Clarity

Nothing shows the deep factions within the Republican Party quite like the upcoming 2016 election. Already, there are five official candidates for the primary. These include Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, Governor Mike Huckabee from Arkansas, Ben Carson from Florida, and Carly Fiorina from California. […]

April 16

Rubio Rises

Rush Limbaugh is a very popular radio host. With million of listeners, he delivers fire and brimstone speeches that get his audience extremely fired up. For this reason, he has a lot of influence when it comes to election cycles, and more importantly, in choosing a candidate from the primaries. Limbaugh is not the only […]

Rubio Pushes Border Amendments

Senator Marco Rubio remains confident as he pushes forward the bipartisan immigration bill. He has recently accepted security amendments so people know exactly what procedures will be implemented if the bill passes. In an interview with David Drucker for the Washington Examiner, Rubio stated regarding the border “So, what I’m arguing is that we should […]