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May 13

Gingrich and Boehner Push Trump

Donald Trump’s campaign shifted quite significantly over these past few weeks. Before, it was the world shocked when Governor Chris Christie formally endorsed him for president, and many wrote it off that it was just because he was mad at the GOP. But now,  real political hard hitters are starting to throw the punches for […]

April 28

Cruz Responds to Boehner’s “Lucifer” Comment

Ted Cruz was all over the news yesterday after his big announcement that once nominated as the Republican Party candidate, he would swiftly choose Carly Fiorina as his running mate. Then, today, he was back in the news but this time, because of a former colleagues comment. John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, said […]

June 03

Key Bills Passed by House That You Should Know About

Speaker John Boehner has been very busy in the House, and is proud of the record of bills the House has passed. Every week before the elections in November, Boehner and his leadership spoke about the need for economic reform, and also the need for the Senate to vote of the hundreds of bills they passed […]

House Republican Wants Majority Favor Before Immigration Bill Brought to Vote

House Republican from California, Dana Rohrabacher, says Boehner would be betraying his party if he brings immigration reform bill to floor for a vote without a majority backing. According to Jonathan Easley writing for The Hill, Conservatives are hoping Boehner to follow the unwritten “Hastert Rule,” which requires support from the majority party before there […]