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June 30

Donald Trump Addresses Party Betrayal

If you remember back to early in the primary, the Republican National Committee had the dense pool of primary candidates sign a pledge. The pledge, once signed, promised that the candidate would not run as an Independent if they lost the nomination, and would support whichever nominee won. Really, it is as though the RNC […]

June 17

GOP Elite Gears Up for Trump Overthrow

There was a relative sense of calm when Senator Ted Cruz suspended his primary campaign for the GOP Party. It was almost too calm. It seemed like in these quiet days that maybe the Party would come together behind Donald Trump after all. This, of course, would be too easy after a tumultuous primary season. […]

May 08

The Paul Ryan Conspiracy Theory

Paul Ryan’s rise in the Republican Party has been interesting to watch. We bring him up today, because of his recent comments this week about Donald Trump. Now, there have, of course, been many comments that range from positive to negative when it comes to Trump, but Ryan’s are in particular interesting and noteworthy. And […]

August 05

What to Expect at the First GOP Debate

As the¬†number of candidates for the GOP is shockingly 17 individuals, all who¬†believe they have what it takes to become the next president, it is no surprise that for the first primary debate, Fox News had to break it down to a manageable and realistic number. The way this network did this was through a […]

July 14

The Primary Battle: Who Can Take Iowa and New Hampshire?

All states are not created equal when it comes to a presidential race, and for this reason you may hear about two more than any other when it comes to the primaries. These two states are New Hampshire and Iowa. Iowa, for its unique caucus voting method, which basically separates the states into “neighborhoods,” and […]

June 16

Can We Tell the Primary from Snapchat?

If you want to look at who will win the primaries from each party, there is one way to pretty much determine who has the most appeal, and that is from the popular app Snapchat. While this may seem crazy, this app is the new way many millennials spend their free time, engage with friends, […]

June 01

Bush Continues to Focus on Michigan

In politics, there are few greater ways to get a point across than using actual examples. For this reason, politicians tell anecdotes, give personal experiences, and meet with key individuals to show that they are dedicated to a cause, or how they plan to fix a problem. While many candidates in the upcoming presidential elections […]