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July 17

What is up with the Iran deal?

There is so much news coverage about the Iran deal that was just orchestrated between the United States, the United Nations, and Iran, but many people are confused exactly what the 100 page deal entails. Before we explain it, let’s give a little background on why there is so much controversy about it. First of […]

April 01

Iran Negotiations

Here is a fun fact: Obamacare is composed of 20,000 pages. The Iran negations is composed of 7 pages. President Barack Obama is in the midst of a diplomatic agreement with Iran. This country, which is currently sanctioned by the United States, has outwardly stated that it wants to destroy Israel. As Israel is our […]

November 25

GOP Responds to Iran Deal

The news for the past two months has focused on domestic policy for the shutdown and Obamacare, but as of right now all eyes are on the Iran Deal that was reached over the weekend in Geneva. The deal will ease certain sanctions on Iran if they promise to have a six-month freeze on their […]