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June 30

Donald Trump Addresses Party Betrayal

If you remember back to early in the primary, the Republican National Committee had the dense pool of primary candidates sign a pledge. The pledge, once signed, promised that the candidate would not run as an Independent if they lost the nomination, and would support whichever nominee won. Really, it is as though the RNC […]

June 17

GOP Elite Gears Up for Trump Overthrow

There was a relative sense of calm when Senator Ted Cruz suspended his primary campaign for the GOP Party. It was almost too calm. It seemed like in these quiet days that maybe the Party would come together behind Donald Trump after all. This, of course, would be too easy after a tumultuous primary season. […]

April 29

After Long Silence, Bush Speaks Up

President George W. Bush has been off the radar since he finished his second term as president, and returned to Preston Hollow in Dallas, Texas. He focused his attention on the construction of his presidential library on Southern Methodist University’s campus, and has repeatedly said that history will determine his legacy. Well, as ISIS continues […]