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September 08

This Sudden Refugee Attention Totally Misses the Point

If you can recall, two summers ago we nearly put boots on the ground in Syria due to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. President Obama had said previously that the use of chemical weapons was a line that if crossed, would have serious repercussions. Everyone, at this point, had […]

July 17

What is up with the Iran deal?

There is so much news coverage about the Iran deal that was just orchestrated between the United States, the United Nations, and Iran, but many people are confused exactly what the 100 page deal entails. Before we explain it, let’s give a little background on why there is so much controversy about it. First of […]

June 01

Lindsey Graham Believes He Has a Chance

While it may seem comical that the list for 2016 Republican primary candidates continues to grow, the wild card candidates joining the ranks believe that they whole heatedly have a chance, and are the answer for the Republican candidacy. Last week, Governor George Pataki entered the race. Today, Senator Lindsey Graham joined the race. Graham […]

April 16

Rubio Rises

Rush Limbaugh is a very popular radio host. With million of listeners, he delivers fire and brimstone speeches that get his audience extremely fired up. For this reason, he has a lot of influence when it comes to election cycles, and more importantly, in choosing a candidate from the primaries. Limbaugh is not the only […]