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September 08

The Trump Problem

It is time for Republicans to finally look at themselves in the mirror. With two months left till the general election, there are many political insiders who just want to see this whole cycle over with.  Besides those who are ardently supporting Trump-who seem to be actual voters instead of seasoned politicians-  there is a […]

April 07

The Hidden Meaning Behind Cruz Response

Shortly after Senator Rand Paul’s announcement, Senator Ted Cruz wrote a response. It is not one that you would think, however. Most candidates immediately take the gloves out, and start to fight. Cruz, however, welcomed his comrade in the senate to the race, stating that he worked with Paul on many issues, and his entrance […]

March 30

Eyes on the White House

Senator Ted Cruz hit the ground running last week, calling on all Conservatives to rise up and fight for Republican principles. Cruz was the first official candidate to announce his run for the Oval Office, and already has a strong following from the far right voters. Calling his voters, “Courageous Conservatives,” Cruz is focusing on […]

December 20

The Devil You Know

Ever since Governor Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012, Republicans around the nation have been looking forward to 2016, and speculating who could be the candidate who would run and more importantly, win. Everyone looked at what should have been an easy win, to various GOP candidates that could fit in all the boxes. They tried […]

November 26

Purple Power

For those who advocate for no parties in America, or for more than one, it is times like these in Washington, DC, where the purple states have all the sway in legislative decisions. The Independents in America, soundly middle of the political spectrum, are really what guards the democratic process in the United States. While […]