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October 16

A Quick Breakdown of Why the GOP is Flipping over CNBC Debate

As there has finally been a Democrat debate after the Republican debates, the numbers really put into perspective why there is so much uproar over the CNBC debate which is scheduled for October 28th in Colorado. A whooping 23 million watched the second GOP debate, hosted by CNN, while only 3 million watched the Democrat […]

September 18

The Biggest Surprise From Debate 2? Unity

The beginning of the second GOP primary debate seemed to me more like a middle school lunch time fight than an actual debate. Jake Tapper came right out, ready to show how divided the Republican Party is, and asked questions to cause a cat fight. Tapper brought up insults said about Trump or vice versa, […]

August 05

What to Expect at the First GOP Debate

As the¬†number of candidates for the GOP is shockingly 17 individuals, all who¬†believe they have what it takes to become the next president, it is no surprise that for the first primary debate, Fox News had to break it down to a manageable and realistic number. The way this network did this was through a […]