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June 02

The Current State of Affairs in the GOP

It is extremely hard to believe that a year ago, we had no clue who would be our nominee a year from then. While, of course, everyone had a theory who would win and why, it was impossible to know until the first few states. And even after those, so much can change in an […]

April 18

Trump Shines in New York

While polls are never one hundred percent accurate, they do act as some sort of crystal ball before election or caucus day in a primary. So that is why, right before the New York primary, Donald Trump is already having a good week. A candidate winning their home state is crucial in an election, especially […]

March 29

Trump and Sanders Have Some Things in Common

The beginning of this election cycle actually looked really boring. The names whispered in Washington, DC were names everyone had heard before. In fact, it seemed like non millennials could simply reach into their closet and grab their Bush or Clinton shirt, as the two political families would be battling each other once again for […]