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July 15

Clinton Responds to Trump’s VP Choice

Clinton clearly was ready for whomever Donald Trump chose for his VP pick, because as soon as he made his official announcement, Clinton immediately went on the defensive, telling her supporters why Pence is the most radical VP choice in history. And in case you did not want to read through a whole article, she […]

May 21

OK State Legislature Passes Major Anti-Abortion Law

While abortion is legal nationwide due to the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case in 1973, there are anti-abortion groups that are doing everything in their power to reverse this ruling. Every year, there is an annual “March for Life,” with anti-abortion protesters swarming the nation’s capital with the hope to pressure law makers to […]

May 15

Dear Elephant News

Dear Elephant News, Are all Republicans against abortion? From, Women’s rights Dear Women’s rights, Yes, there are many Republicans who are against abortion and want it to be completely illegal in United States. This issue is one that keeps many voters out of the GOP, and the pro life versus pro choice debate is a […]

May 07

Huckabee Takes Another Swing at Presidency

Who is Mike Huckabee? For many of you who do not watch Fox News, he had a show on the channel. Before that, he was Governor of Arkansas, and then ran for president in 2008. Others may know him as a Baptist pastor, or an author of several books. Maybe, you listen to his radio […]

Abortion Fight Heats Up In Texas

Ever since State Senator Wendy Davis grabbed national attention by using the filibuster to stop the passage of an anti-abortion bill, Governor Rick Perry is doing everything he can to make sure it becomes law. David Nather from Politico wrote that even though President Obama and Senate Majority Harry Reid have become actively involved in […]