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July 12

Pence for Trump’s VP?

With the Republican National Convention just around the corner, the attention of the election has turned to vice president picks. After months of speculation, it is now unavoidable for the candidates to choose a running mate. This will change the nature of the election, as there are now two people to watch and listen to. […]

July 07

Trump Confirms He’ll Bring Gingrich on Board

Trump spoke at a rally in Ohio, where he gave the crowd some information that got a roaring response. He said, “In one form or another, New Gingrich is going to be involved with our government.” Trump continued, praising Gingrich, saying, “he’s smart, he’s tough, he gets it…and he says I’m the biggest thing he’s […]

July 06

Paul Ryan Bumps Heads with Trump, Again

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is one of the few Party insiders in DC who has come out for Donald Trump. His former running mate, Mitt Romney, has not only come out against the presumptive nominee, but actively campaigns against him. In this context, it is surprising that Ryan has gone against the current […]

June 30

Trump on Sanders:” He Hates Her”

  Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Maine, where he spoke to his crowd in the typical Trump fashion. In his speech, he brought up a good point about Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and the presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton: does he hate her? Trump has called on Bernie Sanders fans to come over to […]

June 29

Trump and Clinton Tackle the Economy

In our current political environment, the economy is the number one issue for many Americans. Second, is national security. For this reason, these are the two most prominent issues that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have talked about this week. Both the presumptive nominees, both are trying to show their voters why if they are […]

June 23

Donald Trump Spends 50 Million on Campaign

Donald Trumo differentiated himself early on in the campaign, because he told his supporters that he was self funding it. In a political cycle that shifted towards anti-establishment, Trump set himself apart from all other Republican candidates who took money from political donors. Like Bernie Sanders, who took no money from any Super PACs, Trump […]

June 21

Trump Announces Anti-Hillary Site

Donald Trump announced that as the media is recurringly biased towards him, he was going to bring his message straight to the people. And one way that he will do this, is through his new website, lyingcrookedhillary.com. The presumptive media candidate has already been clear that he thinks CNN is better known as the “Clinton […]