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June 03

Key Bills Passed by House That You Should Know About

Speaker John Boehner has been very busy in the House, and is proud of the record of bills the House has passed. Every week before the¬†elections in November, Boehner and his leadership spoke about the need for economic reform, and also the need for the Senate to vote of the hundreds of bills they passed […]

May 02

The Time is Now for Republicans

In 2008, it looked like a bad future for the Republican Party. With a new president, who made promises of affordable health care, of new economic opportunities, and the end of a war in the Middle East, there was fire support for the Democrats. Majority of youth voters across the country vowed their support for […]

March 23

House GOP Balanced Budget Moves Forward

House Budget Committee laid out their plan for the upcoming fiscal year. “A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America,” aims to change the “direction” of the country by lowering taxes, limiting spending, and supporting economic growth. Why does this matter? Because when you see half of your paycheck taken from you for taxes, that lowers […]