November 17

Can Clinton Supporters Push Out Trump?

When it was thought Donald Trump had zero chance of winning the White House, there were many concerns that the Republican candidate would not accept the election results. So much so, that it was mentioned more than once by Hillary Clinton, and Democrat leaders on various networks. Trump said he would accept, “if he won,” […]

November 17

Could Haley Be Trump’s Secretary of State?

President-elect Donald Trump is busy choosing who will be in his administration. As Trump was quite the polarizing candidate, many Republican politicians were reluctant to endorse him for president. They also did not think it would be possible he would get to the Oval Office, so potentially backed away from him in order to save […]

November 16

Trump’s Hollywood Star Protected

There have been varying actions to protest Donald Trump’s presidency. From long social media posts, to shutting down interstates with protests, to breaking car windows or starting fires, it is very clear that those who oppose Donald Trump want their message to be heard. While this same group was very worried Donald Trump supporters would […]

November 16

Inside the Trump, Cruz Relationship

One of the most interesting relationships during the Republican primary and the general election was most definitely between Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. This hot and cold relationship kept news stations very busy throughout the primary. Cruz and Trump started out in the primary as allies, clearly siding with one another in the first […]

November 14

The Time is Now for Republicans

“Mitt Romney called to congratulate me on the win. Very nice!” These are words that we thought we would never read. Especially, from Donald Trump’s Twitter handle. But then again, many people also thought we would never see Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. There have been a lot of changes, […]

November 11

Freedom Caucus to Back Ryan as Speaker

There were a lot of changes during the final weeks of the election. In October, it was thought that Donald Trump’s race to the White House was done. Washington Post published a hot mic moment where he said because of his power he could “grab” girls “by the pussy,” and the backlash was enormous. Political […]

November 11

The Power of the People

The Democratic National Committee thought they were helping Hillary Clinton. One thing that shines out in this election is that this was the race of the outsider. Despite Donald Trump’s lack of political experience, he won the election. And many would say that it is this very aspect of the business billionaire, one that would […]

November 10

The Hypocritical Trump Protests

The left claims to be a party of inclusion. That was one of Hillary Clinton’s main points of reference when she compared herself to Donald Trump. Her supporters dislike Donald Trump because they say he is divisive. They say that he targets certain groups, and because of this, has no place in the White House. […]

November 10

Donald Trump’s Win Isn’t Surprising

President-elect Donald Trump shocked the world last night. In an election that political pundits claimed to be hopeless, he won “bigly.” But if you look at the entire election, from the atmosphere before he announced he was running till election night yesterday, it is really not surprising that Trump won. What was hardest for most […]

November 08

It’s Your Choice

We are now officially in the final countdown of what seemed like a never ending presidential election. Hopefully by tonight, we will have the know the future president of the United States. After all of the campaign attack ads, fundraisers, speeches, rallies, press conferences, town halls, and debates, it is finally time for the voter […]