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Olympia Snowe’s Book To Fix Congress

Former Republican Senator from Maine, Olympia Snowe, wants to make one thing clear: leaving the senate in January 2013 does not means she’s giving up.  In her book Fighting for Commonground: We Can Fix The Stalemate in Congress, she says as someone who has committed 40 years to public service and 18 years in the senate, she is no longer programmed to take a break. Snowe decided after a long, agonizing decision that she can be more effective outside of the legislative system than within. The book is very personal where she speaks of her relationships within the senate, and walks you through certain moments on the senate floor that allows the reader to really imagine what it is like to be there. She has immense respect for the Founding Fathers and the Senate body as a whole, and offers simple reforms that would continue to favor minorities and adhere to the original vision and role of the senate. It is not convincing, however, as a moderate senator who has these great visions of reform how she thinks she can do more on the outside than within. Unless elected again, she will never be able to go to the senate floor and fight for her case. It is up to time, then, to see if Olympia Snowe fulfills her promise of accomplishing more now that she has left Congress than if she would have stayed. To purchase her book, please visit