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December 01

Politico Reports Ivanka Will Address Climate Change

One of the biggest complaints, and attacks, from the left against the right is their denial of climate change. It is a war cry that many times, turns would be Republican voters away from the party. But on the right, there is a strong group that opposes climate change. They do not want the regulation […]

November 29

Donald Trump Wants Consequences for Burning U.S. Flag

In some early morning tweets, Donald Trump spoke about the usual topics he has been addressing this week. He tweeted about “failing” CNN, and he spoke about illegal votes. A little borderline inappropriate as POTUS, but as this point, we are used to Trump’s Twitter tactics. Then, he threw in a curveball, and tweeted, “Nobody […]

November 29

Conway Voices Own Political Opinion

Kellyanne Conway went on the news networks and bashed Trump’s reported pick for secretary of state. Sources told MSNBC that her comments caused a rift between Trump and his former campaign manager, but she quickly claimed any claims to be false. She then posted a picture of her very close to the president-elect, again, trying […]

November 28

Conway, Trump Reportedly At Odds

Since Kellyanne Conway emerged on the political world state as President-elect Donald Trump’s new campaign manager, it seemed like the former political pollster could do no wrong. Conway made her rounds on all the talk shows, clarifying any controversial Trump statement with a relaxed, calm demeanor. Conway very much gave off the impression that it […]

November 28

Clinton’s Recount

Is the election not over? Besides a picture of Hillary Clinton on a hike and at a bookstore, the former presidential candidate dropped off the map following her loss to President-elect Donald Trump. This loss, was in so many words, a total shock. Hillary Clinton had been planning her transition to the White House weeks […]

November 23

Mark Cuban Meets with Stephen Bannon in NYC

There have been a lot of political shake ups after Donald Trump shocked the world and won the presidency. While almost everyone predicted he was sure to lose to Hillary Clinton, many politicians and leaders distanced themselves from the business billionaire. And some went as far to not only distance themselves, but actively advocate against […]

November 22

Draining the Swamp

President-elect Donald Trump built much of his campaign on some key promises. Of course, the first was tackling immigration. The second, was reviving the economy. But one that truly stood out was tackling the corruption in DC, or as he likes to say “draining the swamp.” And now, Trump will head to the White House […]