Barr Told Trump Election Fraud Allegations Were Bull***

By Claire Hardwick

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has been a lifetime Republican. As his attorney general, he worked tirelessly to look into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation, much to Trump’s praise. But friction arose when after the November 3rd election, Barr would not tell Trump what he wanted to hear. 

In a December 1st meeting, right before Barr left his role, he told the president that the claims of voter fraud were bull****.  But moreover, he said that the legal team defending Trump were “clownish.”

In a report from Axios, these conversations led to Barr’s resignation on December 23rd. But according to their article, the relationship between the two was affected over the BLM protests this summer, when Barr pushed back on sending in troops to cities that didn’t have the protests under control. Trump would grow tired with these meetings, and said, “No one supports me. No one gives me any f****** support.”

But while Barr did ask the Department of Justice to look into the election fraud allegations, none came true. This caused Trump to tell Fox News that Bill Barr was “missing in action.”

Barr pushed back, however, and told the AP that there was no fraud, and then told the president that “the stuff that these people are filling your ear with just isn’t true.” Barr continued, “I’m a pretty informed legal observer and I can’t fucking figure out what the theory is here. “It’s just scattershot. It’s all over the hill and gone.”

Why this matters: President Trump’s continuous insistence that he won the election, but it was stolen from him through voter fraud, has led to a very divided America. From the Save America rally on January 6th, protestors stormed the Capitol in an unprecedented attack. The question remains if President Trump really knows that he lost, and just does not want to admit it to protect his image. Or, if President Trump has surrounded himself with people who have fed him misinformation. Regardless, the baseless claims of voter fraud have not only divided the nation, but it has divided the Republican Party.