Reports Emerge Ivanka Wants To Attend Inauguration

By Claire Hardwick

While one of President Trump’s last tweet was that he would not attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, questions immediately emerged if the first family would join in solidarity of effectively acknowledging their father’s defeat, or attend to support the peaceful transition of power. 

Today, reports have emerged from DailyMail that Ivanka Trump, who serves as special advisor to her father but has been remarkably quiet following the Wednesday Capitol attack, wants to go to the inauguration to do “whatever she can to save her reputation.” While these are of course, rumors, she apparently is concerned her “promising political career is in jeopardy.” The source said that by attending, she could gain some political points for what many are saying is a future run for office.

Ivanka, who is the only Trump child to work in the White House, has been busy for the past five years campaigning for her father. She has been focused on economic incentives for women, and carefully branding her image. 

The problem, however, is that for the Trump supporters, attending the inauguration is a slap in their leaders face. Furthermore, given the temperature in Washington, it is unclear how other politicians will treat her at the inauguration, and if they will view this as a blatant political move. 

In contrast, President Trump is reportedly planning to hold a rally at the same time as the inauguration for what may be a 2024 presidential announcement. Ivanka, however, bought a piece of land in Miami, and rumors are swirling she plans to run for some sort of office in the state. 

Why this matters: Ivanka faced backlash last week when she called the rioters storming the Capitol, “patriots.” If she does not play her next moves correctly, all the work she has done the past four years will be completely wiped away. By going to the inauguration, she risks ostracizing her father’s base (her brother won’t be attending), but if she does attend, she may be able to win back moderate Republican’s support.