Breaking: Apple Bans Parler From It’s App Store

By Claire Hardwick

Following Twitter’s permanent removal of President Trump’s account, in solidarity, Trump supporters have started Parler accounts where they planned to speak without restrictions or perceived censorship. While some Trump supporters left Twitter altogether, there was definitely a call to arms to support the new social media app. 

But following the violence on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Apple said Parler had a limited time window to enact new restrictions to what is violent or hate speech from users on the app. Previous to this threat, the platform had been used to organize protests, and was littered with racist, anti-semitic, and fiery rhetoric. 

This evening, Apple has banned Parler from their app store following the company’s refusal to place certain limitations on this type of speech. For those who use Parler and also use Apple phones, they will no logner be able to access the app from their phone. Google has already removed the app from their devices.

Parler, which asks for social security numbers, a personal picture, and a picture of your license if you want to unlock all the features of the site, has been flagged by cybersecurity experts that users may risk their personal security if the app is hacked. Regardless of their concerns, Twitter users who saw the company remove fake followers from their accounts, made a mass exodus to the app. 

Apple’s decision comes a day after Twitter took a harsh stance against Trump’s use of Twitter to incite violence and spread election misinformation. Trump supporters, however, have called the private company’s decision an example of censorship and an attack on their first amendment rights.