It Is Time For A Republican Reformation

By Claire Hardwick

Yesterday was a dark day for American history. What we saw was an unprecedented march on our nation’s Capitol. What should have been an expression of first amendment rights led to total disregard of everything that building stands for here and abroad. The light on the hill was thrown into darkness, and the day will be remembered as one of the lowest points for our country. 

But as we remember what happened yesterday, it is important as we move forward to know this movement and the subsequent events that happened did not form over night. It has been years in the making, and reached a tipping point with the defeat of President Trump and his continuous call to arms from his base. With the loss of the election, President Trump relied on his bases’ love for the American government, their loyalty to free and fair elections, and the need to protect the republic. 

Without any evidence that voter irregularities gave Biden the win over Trump, Trump, his political supporters, and his campaign have lied to the American people. By adamantly promising the election was stolen, he created a platform for the riots that happened yesterday. The protest yesterday was called, “Save America,” and the language from Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Jr. was one that threatened any Republican who did not stand behind Trump’s conspiracy theory. The Trump family set the stage for what transpired just hours later. 

And worse were the Republican senators who used Trump’s bruised ego for their own political gains. Through creating a PR scenario that allowed them to tap into the overall fear the election was stolen, they tweeted and put out statements about “Fair and Free Elections” and the constitution. While knowing that their objection to the electoral college confirmation was just a stunt, they misled the American people that Trump had a chance of winning 2020 and staying in the White House. This was not put more on display than what happened after the rioters broke into the Capitol. Almost all of the Republican senators who planned to vote for the objection chawed their minds. They knew there was not voter fraud, and in a last minute effort to correct their actions, very quickly changed their position. 

Most notably was Senator Kelly Loeffler, who stood on the stage Monday night with President Trump and promised the crowd she would vote to object the electoral college confirmation. Well, we saw how that worked for her, as the day the riots exploded, she also lost her senate race. 

But still, eight senators doubled down and even as they stood in a Capitol now desecrated, they spoke about voter fraud. The purpose of objecting to the electoral process confirmation is to present evidence and have a debate. Again, no evidence was presented, and instead Senator Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz spewed empty rhetoric and conspiracies. 

It is a very sad day for America, and it is an even sadder day for President Trump’s supporters. Trump focused solely on his own political ego, leaving his supporters in a position of anarchy. The Republicans who supported him post-election now have their names permanently etched into the disrespectful acts that happened to the nation’s Capitol. They are complicit, and while focused on how Trump could help them, they have forever hurt themselves and their oath to uphold the constitution. 

As we move forward, we cannot forget January 6th, 2020. We cannot forget the Republican lawmakers who put their principles and their ethics aside because they wanted likes a retweets from Trump’s base. We cannot forget how Trump and his family threatened Republicans who did not agree with them, and their dictator-type of behavior. We cannot forget the news outlets and the political pundits who profited off of conspiracy theory and misleading the American people.

As a party, we have to turn the page. We have to hold our representatives accountable, and see through their political stunts. We have to call them out when they pass legislation that is anti-conservative, or when they purposely lie to us about something as serious as an election. If we don’t, then we will just continue to lose elections in the future. We have to return to our core beliefs as conservatives, and let those be our guidance above all else. And we have to remember the politicians who stood by their principles and their constituents, and w have to remember that is a type of leader who should have the honor of serving in Congress or in the White House. 

We can rebuild, but we cannot forget these past four years. It is time for a Republican reckoning and reformation. Our system of government is secure, and the founding fathers’ foresight ensured a peaceful transition of power to the rightful candidate will happen. Politics will move forward, but we have to take a more active approach in how we want that political sphere to look like. We are Americans, and have a duty to uphold and protect in the power of our votes. Let us not forget it.