President Trump Knows He Doesn’t Have The Votes

By Claire Hardwick

Since November 3rd, President Trump has promised his followers that the election was stolen from them. If you live in the United States, and you voted, this claim is one of the worst things you can hear. No one wants to be cheated, and if the president tells you you have been, you of course, would believe him. 

But following November 3rd, President Trump has taken every route to prove his theory. Filing over 60 lawsuits in multiple states and the Supreme Court, all alleged election fraud cases have been thrown out. Even Attorney General Bill Barr, who has proved his allegiance to Trump through a thorough review of the origins of the Russian collusion investigation but the intelligence and justice departments against Trump, said there was no election fraud in the 2020 election. 

And now, with pressure from President Trump, a dozen Republican senators have backed up over 100 House GOP members to force a debate on the electoral college vote that certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over the incumbent. 

This latest political stunt is problematic on multiple levels. First of all, these senators know this objection will go absolutely no where. The House and the Senate have the votes they need to confirm the electoral college votes. Therefore, the only purpose is to sow discord and division within the Republican Party. Trump is putting senators who don’t follow along with his baseless claims in the spotlight, and in many ways, threatening them in a way that’s no dissimilar to dictatorships and communist regimes. 

And even worse, is that most of the senators who are supporting President Trump’s alleged election fraud claims have political ambitions beyond just being a senator. They want to inherit Trump’s base, and they want to sit in the Oval Office. In many ways, they are using the Trump voter. They are spreading, knowingly, false hope. Without any action item behind the objection to the vote and a forced debate, this political move is only for optics, and is a nothing burger. For those who still believe Trump lost the election because it was stolen, they are laughing in your face and purposely leading you down the wrong path. The only people who look stupid beyond this political stunt are the voters who support them, and put them in office. 

Most importantly, however, was the call President Trump had with Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger. On the phone call, which has been recorded so there is no room to call it “fake news,” Trump asks Raffensperger to “find” 10,000 votes to give him the victory in that state. 

This ask just proves President Trump knows he lost fair and square. He didn’t pressure him to find fraud, he asked him “to find.”

This past weekend shows just how far President Trump as his allies are willing to go to use the American people. They take advantage of the loyalty and commitment of the American people to freedom, transparency, and a free and fair election. But conveniently for their narrative, they skip over the thrown out election fraud cases, in some case from Trump-appointed judges, and continue to push a false narrative. The result in their actions, because of their own failed campaigns, is a distrust in our election system and the peaceful transition of power. 

The very thing that separates America from other countries is being weaponized against the United States people. Don’t let it happen to you, and don’t stay quiet about it. It’s too bad to lose, but hold the loser accountable for not being able to connect with the voter over issues they truly care about. Trump knows he lost, and will continue to spew every theory he can to justify his lost. But don’t let him fool you, and better yet, don’t let Trump wannabes fool you. Their political ambitions shouldn’t be at your expense. Enough is enough, it is time to move forward and redefine what we want from our leaders in DC.