Gov. Abbott Makes It Clear: No Gov’t Shutdowns In The Lone Star State

By Claire Hardwick

While states have differed in their approach to a government issued lockdown, Texas and Florida have so far been the biggest states with the loosest limitations on the economy. And while local governments try to impose their own orders on the citizens living in their districts, Governor Abbott has made it very clear: there will be no more shutdowns under his watch. 

In a tweet, Governor Greg Abbott responded to Austin’s Mayor Adler announcement that restaurants and bars have to shutdown dine-in service from 10:30pm-6:00am starting December 31st. But Abbott immediately referred to his executive order that prohibits local government’s from doing so. In the tweet, Abbott said, “This shutdown order by Austin isn’t allowed. Period. My executive order stops cities like Austin from arbitrarily shutting down businesses. The city has a responsibility to enforce existing orders, not make new ones.”

With the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, Governor Abbott said, “it’s time to put shutdowns behind us.” While states differ in their approach to how they plan to deal with the epidemic, Abbott has made it clear that within his state, they are moving on. Austin, which is a notoriously liberal city within a red-leaning Texas, saw how serious Abbott is that Texas’ economy will reopen and things will return to normal. 

Abbott said that “people’s lives have been crushed,” and is more focused on the economic impact than the health risk now that there is a vaccine. With states like California imposing stricter lockdowns once again, Abbott is making certain that businesses can reopen without fear of more restrictions. .