Ivanka Trump’s Tweet Launches Rumors Of Presidential Run

By Claire Hardwick

President Trump’s children have been increasingly in the media on behalf on their father’s campaign and presidency, but none of the children have been quite as involved as his eldest daughter, Ivanka. She, along with her husband, moved to Washington and planted themselves firmly in the West Wing. Their influence on her father’s presidency is irrefutable, and as President Trump spends his final days in the White House, rumors are already circulating that Ivanka may have her eyes on the Oval Office for herself. 

While the Ivanka and Jared have bought a large property in Florida, it can be assumed they are planning to leave New York City for the Republican state. While Jared has been a central part of Trump’s foreign policy efforts, among other key issues, Ivanka has been careful to craft an image that connects her with everyday Americans, as well as the political elite. 

As Ivanka has been fierce to defend her father from critics, she has pushed issues such as sex trafficking, women in business, and economic reform. Joining her father on the campaign trail, she has made stops in key early primary states such as New Hampshire and Iowa. Today, she further poured gasoline onto the fire by tweeting a simple heart emoji with the word “Iowa,” under the retweet from Governor Kim Reynolds celebrating the day Iowa became a state. 

But if Ivanka wants to carry on the Trump name in Washington, DC, she may find competition within her own family. Rumors have already been circulating around that Donald Trump Jr., who never worked in the White House and instead focused on his father’s campaign, is eyeing a 2024 presidential run. Like his sister, Donald Trump Jr. has been busy branding himself as an “everyday American,” frequently posting pictures of himself hunting and fishing and visiting red states. 

Why this matters: Once a family has a taste of political power, it’s hard to get that taste out of your mouth. The Trump’s have experienced fame, power, and fandom in a much bigger way than their apprentice days. Furthermore, as their father leaves office, they will want to carry on the support from his base to their own political careers. As they have campaigned with their father and shared his rally stage, the cheers of the crowd and the feeling they are the leaders of the Republican Party will be something they want to hold onto. The question, however, is if they can carry the star power on their own, or if it is merely a product of their father’s stardom. In any case, the recent moves from Ivanka and Donald Jr. signal the two children are testing the water, and have their eyes beyond the end of January.