The Irony Of Trump Using The Term “RINO”

By Claire Hardwick

Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, they don’t have the right to determine your political party. 

Throughout Trump’s administration, he has been quick to call anyone who disagrees with him a “RINO,” which stands for “Republican In Name Only.” The ironic part of this name calling, however, is that President Trump, who before he decided to run for president was a life-long Democrat, is in fact “Republican In Name Only.”

While President Trump definitely was able to use his communication prowess to tap into the hidden desires of the Republican Party, his campaign promises have been much different than the policies he enacted while in the White House. Promises like healthcare have been long pushed way under the rug, and while he did pass tax cuts, he also passed the largest spending bill in history. Furthermore, tariffs against China have been rebranded as being “tough on China,” instead of what it usually would have been called, which is crony capitalism. Republicans, as a reminder, believe in free-market capitalism, and the result of the tariffs are farmers reliant on subsidies from Capitol Hill. 

But while the record under President Trump cannot be erased, there is a new fight emerging, which is the argument of voter fraud which caused President Trump to lose the election. While multiple lawsuits have been filed in multiple states, these have all been thrown out. When Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani are asked for evidence, they are quick to snap back that the media doesn’t understand the “legal process,” and that with an ongoing litigation, the evidence is presented to the courts. 

Well, the courts saw the evidence, and all cases have been thrown out. Even the Supreme Court, which is stacked with President Trump nominated conservative justices, have thrown out any legal argument that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Every single legal avenue has been tried, and has failed. 

So now, there is a knew tactic, and that is to call out any Republican lawmaker for not standing with the president’s baseless claims. Jenna Ellis tweeted today, “I am tired of spineless ‘Republicans’.”

What Trump and his freedom fighters are failing to understand, however, is that it is the Republicans who are supposed to conserve the constitution, and nothing is more important in doing so that protecting election integrity. Losing doesn’t mean you get to rewrite history. And if there was widespread fraud, it would have come out by now. Also, Dominion and other election services are suing the campaign for libel. Fox News has had to retract certain statements they’ve said about the companies. Now, for these companies to sue Fox News and the Trump campaign, that means that they do actually have evidence and would win in court. 

The danger of Trumpism overshadowing Republicans lies in this RINO name tag. Trump has appointed this term to politicians who have been part of the Republican Party for decades, not just four years. 

We can’t let Trump and his team, who are actively disassembling modern democracy, dictate the new terms of what it means to be a Republican. The Founding Father’s in their genius must have been able to foresee a scenario such as the 2020 election, and put in a legal and electoral system to protect the constitution. As Republicans, we do have to defend it, but that is through accepting the loss of our party’s nominee, and moving forward.

The irony of the RINO name is that it’s used, as so much name calling is, by those who are actually the name. True conservatives cannot be bullied by Trump into doing his dirty work because he cannot accept reality. Your party, your principles, your country, and your morals depend on you standing up for your conservative beliefs.