The Answer To The Vaccine Problem Is Simple

By Claire Hardwick

We are in a very ironic point of time in politics. After almost a year of the coronavirus epidemic, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A vaccine, which will give millions of Americans an ability to go back to life as normal, has been approved and has started to be distributed. For those who have made sacrifices, lost loved ones, lost financial security and battled with metal health, this vaccine could not come soon enough. The elderly and the front line workers are first on the list, but then, the vaccine distribution method remains unclear.

But for certain politicians and Americans who have been calling coronavirus a hoax, and merely a political operation from the “global elite” in order to steal the election from the president, well, they have quite the decision to make. If the coronavirus is a hoax, there is no need for a vaccine. If it only has two percent of a death rate, then what’s the point. Popular right-winger Candace Owens said with “no judgement” that she is a lion, and those who take the vaccine are sheep. She, of course, cannot be told what to do, as it is an infringement on her own liberty. 

And then, this week we saw Trump-sympathizers such as Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio rush to get the vaccine. These congressmen, who seems to often live above the law, have called out politicians for their hypocrisy with regards to the vaccine. Ironically, however, when it was available to members of Congress, the excuse for politicians like Graham and Rubio, and also Aleandaria Ocasio-Cortez, is that is a national security issue. For so many Americans, this just shows the Washington elitism, as every vaccine taken by a member of Congress is one that could have saved a doctor’s life. 

So how to move forward with this conundrum? It’s simple. If you don’t believe in the coronavirus, and have been a super-spreader of misinformation about the virus with the firm belief you are telling the truth, then don’t take the vaccine. There is already a popular opinion that those who downplayed the virus should be at the back of the line, and that sentiment is beginning to grow. In politics, there is definitely too much hypocrisy. And as an end is in sight, we can all turn a new page. There should be consequences for individual’s actions, which they have the “freedom” to choose. But with that freedom, you should stick up for what you believe in. If the coronavirus if indeed fake, then no stress for you. The doctors, frontline workers, healthcare assistants, nurses, elderly, and so many other who are vulnerable, however, do not agree with you. Put them at the front of the line to let them go back to normal. 

We can no longer have a “do as I say, not as I do country.” This has been so transparent during the coronavirus, and it’s time to turn the corner. And luckily, with this problem, the answer is simple.