November 30

Don Jr. Drops Hint For Presidential Run

For those who are gearing up for a potential political run, the sooner you can start a PAC, the better. And President Trump’s eldest son, who has been very active during his father’s four years as president, may have given another clue to his future plans. 

Don Jr’s aides have officially launched a super Pac with the purpose to help voter turnout for the January 5th Senate election. As the election integrity in our country has been sufficiently eroded due to President Trump’s efforts to switch the results in his favor, Republicans are aware that his rhetoric could significantly impact Trump’s base turnout in the state. 

The super PAC is called Save the U.S. Senate PAC, and will showcase Don Jr. instead of his father. The PAC will air TV, digital and radio ads with Don Jr. as the star, who will urge Trump’s base to vote Republican on January 5th. On social media, Trump supporters have criticized Senator Loeffler and Senator Perdue for their inaction to urge Georgia to decide to intervene with the voting process to help Trump win the state. Instead of voting for Perdue or Loeffler, some have even suggested writing President Trump’s name the ballot instead. 

The PAC will focus on conservative channels, and the ad’s language will help disinfect the general mood about the November 3rd election. Andy Surabian from the PAC said, “There is a critical role that must be played in both Georgia Senate runoffs: turning out the Trump vote. We know from past midterms and special elections that the Trump voter is not guaranteed to every Republican candidate, which is why it’s vital to directly engage these voters and not take them for granted.”

The Trump Jr. adviser continues, “To that end, we are launching an aggressive campaign in support of the two Republican candidates, focused on energizing and turning out Trump supporters, using television, radio and digital ads featuring Donald Trump Jr.”

Why this matters: Within Republican circles, it is no secret that President Trump’s son views himself as the most likely heir to President Trump’s presidency. Trump Jr. clearly views himself as someone who can connect with Trump’s base, and wants to use his father’s current platform to set himself apart, and to win approval. If his ads help influence the January 5th election, the Republican lawmakers in DC will have to see his political potential, and start to view him as a future candidate. In many ways, this super PAC is a soft opening to what could be the second Trump act. Don Jr. has used his father’s time in the White House to travel all across the country in order to campaign. Unlike Eric and Ivanka, who took different types of roles while his father was in office, Don Jr. has changed his image to be more like an “everyday America,” making sure to post pictures of himself hunting and fishing, etc. It is important to note that the PAC is not using the president to urge his base, but his son. This shows that Don Jr. is already surrounding himself with advisors who want to plan his future career. If successful, it will only continue from there with eyes surely set on the White House.