All Eyes On Georgia

By Claire Hardwick

While the election season simmers to a close with a new party in control of the White House, Senate Republicans are laser focused on Georgia in order to keep their coveted majority in the upper chamber. Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler are the two Republican candidates who could determine the legislative calendar for the next two years. 

Key Republican players are making a point to travel to Georgia to make a push amongst conservatives, and two emphasize the importance of this upcoming election. Senator Marco Rubio said about the race, “This is literally the showdown of all showdowns. This is Georgia’s decision to make, but it’s America that will live with the consequences.”

As the House Democrats retained control of their chamber this election cycle and with President Trump’s loss to Joe Biden, the election will have tremendous effects in Washington. Key issues on the line are healthcare, but also President Trump’s most coveted legislation: the tax cuts passed because of the GOP majority. 

But most what is most interesting is the people who choose to go to Georgia, and the immediate speculation that these politicians are hoping to make a run in 2024. While President Trump is still continuing to say he will eventually win the 2020 election, the states are throwing out his lawsuits and verifying Joe Biden’s victory. This means that once President Trump leaves office, there will be a tremendous vacuum of power that will need to be filled by someone. 

Why this matters: Georgia has been a steadfast red state for years. The fact that the race is so close, and that the Republican Party depends on the race for their razor thin majority, shows that the party is somehow failing to connect with its base. While President Trump’s supporters are vocal and make a point to be heard, the election results have to be taken with the utmost seriousness if the party wants to move forward and win future elections. There is the Trump Party, and there is the Republican Party, and with the split, someone is going to have to bridge the gap.