We Are Not In A Civil War

By Claire Hardwick

While I have been trying to spend time off of social media over the Thanksgiving holiday, I couldn’t help but check this evening after the bombshell news that General Michael Flynn received a presidential pardon from President Trump. 

When I first heard the news, I didn’t have a response either way. I thought it was interesting that Flynn, who has become a rallying cry for the Trump base for the past year, didn’t receive one until after the election. That is a point for everyone to think about. I also remembered how President Trump fired Flynn very quickly after lying to VP Pence, and how he cooperated for months and months with Mueller during the Russia investigation. 

But now, suddenly, Flynn is a new type of hero. And Twitter quickly rose to the bugle call to call this day the start of the “resistance.”

Resistance? Against what? President Trump has every right as president to pardon Michael Flynn, regardless of your opinion of the matter. While the question of why he waited so long is of importance, somehow, Trump’s decision has marked today as a beginning. 

I understand what the Republican and Conservative Party stand for, I am part of them. I understand the desire to hold onto our constitution as a guide and to give as much freedom to individuals as possible. So when the Trump supporters now call their movement a “resistance,” what is it exactly they are resisting? 

Again, I can answer this question. They are resisting the threat of “socialist Democrats” who want to destroy America. But while this threat is very real to them (and to you if you are part of this group), the reality is, there is now Civil War going on. There is no threat. There are political fights, and there are checks and balances of power, but there is nothing significantly different than any of the past years. The pendulum always swings back and forth, and eventually, balances out towards a steady course. The only difference now, actually, is Trump’s rhetoric and the use of social media. 

And moreover, and much ironically, the “resistance” who are fighting to save America, are helping to sow seeds of distrust and division. The aftermath of the election, which was contested in many states (there is nothing wrong with that) became an immediate fight. All of Trump’s cases, so far, have been thrown out. The judges in all of these different states and from different parties didn’t all collude to work with the globalist Democrats to throw President Trump out of office. The harsh fact of the matter is that President Trump lost, not matter how many times he claims the election was stolen from him. It was actually stolen, but that was because of his failure to appeal to independent voters. Don’t be like Hillary Clinton, accept the election results as they are and use them as a chance to “reform” rather that to “resist.”

It is time to look at the reality of the situation, beyond the illusion of a Civil War and the Twitter battlefield. Politics change. Parties come in an out of power, politicians in and out of favor. While I know President Trump thought he would win with a landslide, he didn’t. We have a sacred electoral process that is the center stone to our democracy. Empires, like America, have risen and fallen, and the ebb and flow come from the people. It comes from information we receive, and who we decide to support. The loudest Twitter users get the most likes and retweets, the more divisive you are the more you are supported by your team. I get it, and it must feel good to belong to something. But think about the greater threat your actions are having on the very thing you are trying to protect. 

The seeds of discord are being sown by us. And we have the power to change the type of plant they become. President Trump, while popular, lost. As he has said, he doesn’t like losers, so why should you? Trump has done some great things, and some bad things, but it’s time for us as a party to lick our wounds and move forward. To “resist” is just another word for “we lost.” Time to return to our time tested values and beliefs, and move forward.