Lessons From The 2020 Election

Before President Trump lost the 2020 election, Republicans were confident there would be a landslide election that he easily won. The electoral college was their friend, as proven in 2016 when Trump lost the popular college vote, but won the electoral college vote. But now, the electoral college is under attack, and the American voting system in general, because the Trump supporters were so confident about their candidate winning. 

In 2016, the Clinton campaign was also confident that they would win. Although Hillary Clinton conceded hours after the numbers came in, the Russian conspiracy soon started. There had to be something or someone to blame for the upset. There was distrust in social media, and other theories came forward that showed little clues as to why she could have lost to President Trump. After years of investigation and wasted taxpayer dollars, no collusion was found. This was a powerful message to the American people- our election process is secure. While you may not like who won, the entire process is based off of trust that we have a fair and free election process. 

The problem now is a parallel in 2020, but on the other side of the aisle. President Trump beloved that there was no way he could lose. He spent the last few weeks of the campaign talking about the corruption of Hunter Biden instead of focusing on economic relief and a path to recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic. He lost his message. Of course, his core supporters would always check his name on the ballot, but he needed the swing state voters. Those voters care mostly about their economic wellbeing. They don’t care as much about an alleged laptop found under questionable circumstances, just like they didn’t care about Trump’s alleged corruption in 2016. 

The focus from these two elections should be on the campaign instead of the system. Trump’s campaigns lawsuits have basically been thrown out in every state they filed. These states, please note, have Trump loyalists in positions of power. But no man is above the law, and no party is above the law. Eventually, the legal system and the justice system have not found the “evidence” put forward by the Trump campaign to be legitimate, and have moved forward to certify Biden’s presidential votes. 

And now, the Republican Party is imploding. Slowly, Trump is taking out any Republican lawmaker who does not back his horse that the election was stolen from him. Yes, maybe the election was stolen from him, but it is because he left the door wide open for Biden to walk into. Americans are suffering economically right now. They need a calm, cohesive message from the White House. Biden offers a return to normalcy that President Trump failed to address. Instead, he started attacking Republican officials, who have a loyal following, and created a cult mentality around himself. The Trump supporters often follow Trump regardless of what he says. There is little independent thought. But the problem, in the end, is that Trump is eroding the system that separates America from every other democracy, and that is the faith in our election process. 

It’s not easy to lose, especially when you are so sure you are going to win. But while it may have been okay to ask for recounts in states Trump was sure to have won, the numbers don’t lie. Republicans need to remember that at their core, they are in the Republican Party because of the values the party possesses, not because of Trump. If they are in the Republican Party because of Trump, well, their candidate just lost, and that’s for a reason. Look beyond the rhetoric and think strongly about what is happening right in front of you. If you really believe the election was stolen, and that there is no faith in the process, maybe you could move to a country a dictator rules, and realize just exactly how that works.