The Continued Cold War

The cyber-attacks that happened during the election were somehow overshadowed by the campaigns in general. While Hillary Clinton’s campaign was the target of these attacks, and while she said that these were from Russia in order to undermine the political process, she was still ahead in almost every national poll, so they somehow did not seem to matter as much. The Wikileaks exposure of the Democratic National Committee favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders was one of the first cracks in the Democratic nominee’s campaign. In fact, it caused many Sanders’ supporters to totally disengage from the election as they thought the system was rigged against them from the beginning. One Bernie Sanders supporter told me that he was in fact happy Donald Trump won the election, because it meant the democratic system was not rigged, and that the right to vote still meant something in the United States.

But now, looking back, it seems like the election was rigged, but from a longtime foreign foe. According to a Washington Post article, the intelligence community has all agreed that Russia is behind the cyber-attacks that very much plagued Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and gave Donald Trump the edge that he needed. While Trump and his followers are saying this is an excuse from the left in order to blame anyone but themselves for the election loss, a Russian hack is much more serious than just who was the winner and the loser when it comes to the White House. Because if Russia is meddling in the U.S. democratic system, there will be much greater consequences that will result in some type of action. In a tweet, Trump said that if the right were trying to blame hacks on the Russians, it would be called a “conspiracy theory.” But as the right won, the voters are not as worried about the implications of what a Russian hack would mean. As the wounds from the Cold War are still very new, Russian involvement in undermining the American political process goes back to the war of communism versus capitalism. To destabilize our democratic political system is a win for communism, and a win for Russia against the United States. It means that the Cold War is not over, but in fact, is still very much a race in ideologies and power. And if Russia did in fact tamper with the election to put Donald Trump in the White House, it means that in this battle, they have won.