December 02


Inside Trump’s First 100 Days

Now that Donald Trump has won the election and will be the 45th president, it is time to move forward with an actual plan instead of campaign promises. And the first 100 days of the presidency very much provides a road map of what to expect for the next four years. With this in mind, we can look at Trump’s plan he and his VP have announced, and understand how he will first shape his time in the White House.

First, let us look at Trump’s first, and most pronounced campaign promise. He wants to build a wall along the southern border of the United States, and he is going to have Mexico pay for it.

The reality of this happening seems pretty impossible, but then again, so did Trump’s presidential victory. The point of the wall, if it was just a metaphor, was more of a promise to tackle illegal immigration, and bring back a sense of economic success to Americans. Other parts of Trump’s plans include ending catch and release, reversing Obama’s executive orders, enact deportation for those who enter the U.S. illegally, suspend the issuance of visas where there is not “adequate screening,” make sure countries take back a person who is being deported, enact a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system, and end sanctuary citizens. If all of these plans go forward, illegal immigrants may actually have to leave the country. He has not said any amnesty will be granted, and this means that some families will be separated. Trump’s immigration plan is most controversial, and it is one that may most define his legacy. On the other hand, Trump could go soft on immigration, and grant amnesty or let Congress come up with a more comprehensive, bipartisan reform. But as many of Trump’s voter voted for him because of this issue, we can expect no matter what, it will be one of his most controversial measures.

The second most pronounced promise from Trump was to “Make America Great Again.” He promised to keep jobs in the United States, and has followed through on this by getting Carrier to stay here through tax incentives. Now for many, they see this as a tax cut for a major corporation which will therefore shutdown and push out small businesses. They also see this as a way for other companies to threaten to leave to US in order for these same tax cuts. But for others, they see it as a way to protect jobs. Trump has promised to lower taxes and regulations on many companies, as well as address tax reform. Tax cuts have always been a controversial subject from many economists, so now, it will be a chance to prove if these work in a Republican majority. Trump also wants to end the TPP and make it harder to outsource jobs to other countries and then bring the goods back to the US. Again, while many have said this will not work and will hurt the economy, Trump can now prove if his promise will actually work.

Another big promise Trump has made is to repeal and replace Obamacare. Millions of Americans have signed up for this healthcare, and would lose coverage. Trump will have to have something to replace Obamacare, and a sure plan. Increased premiums before the election caused many people to look to him as the only one who could bring down these prices. Healthcare reforms can be made in other ways, as laid out by Trump, and as this is President Obama’s legacy, it will be interesting to see what the law shapes into once the GOP has majority of the executive and legislative branches.

Next, of course, is ISIS and terrorism in general. Trump promised to make America safe again, and to eliminate ISIS. He talked a lot about secret plans he would enact to defeat this terrorist group, and now, it is his chance to show that he actually did, and if it will actually work.

Trump was very clear on the campaign trail his path for the future of America. Now that he has won, and that he has a GOP majority behind him, the first 100 days will show if he will truly be the president of action, and if his ideas turned into plans actually work to fulfill the famous slogan, “Make America Great Again.”