Politico Reports Ivanka Will Address Climate Change

One of the biggest complaints, and attacks, from the left against the right is their denial of climate change. It is a war cry that many times, turns would be Republican voters away from the party. But on the right, there is a strong group that opposes climate change. They do not want the regulation on energy, or in other industries, and think the whole thing is a hoax perpetuated by the government to just seize more control. It is a hard subject for Republicans to address, because if they embrace climate change and promise to fight against it, they risk the chance of losing a huge voter base.

During his campaign, Trump stuck to the GOP guns and also spoke out against climate change. Even though his companies in Scotland seem to acknowledge geographical changes due to climate change, Trump said it was a hoax made up by the Chinese. A lot of his voters agreed with him.

But his daughter, Ivanka, who will most likely play a big role, and already has played a big role in her father’s political career, reportedly wants to address climate change. A source told Politico that she wants climate change to be the issue she fights for. The billionaire’s daughter, who is part of the wealthy elite, that also are mostly democrat, was already pinned for her Republican National Convention speech as being too liberal. She is good friends with figures like Wedi Deng, and is very much part of the socialite scene in New York City. Now, she also has a position of great power: a father who is President of the United States.

Here, is where Ivanka can make a big impact. She has made no campaign promises, so can work on issues that Republican voters may not be okay with. And one of these issues will most likely be climate change. This is a part of the Trump plan that has many Americans most worried, as carbon emissions remain high for most American households. But Ivanka, could address these issues, and in doing so, help her father with supporters across America. And more importantly, his image to those on the other side of the aisle.