November 29

Conway Voices Own Political Opinion

Kellyanne Conway went on the news networks and bashed Trump’s reported pick for secretary of state. Sources told MSNBC that her comments caused a rift between Trump and his former campaign manager, but she quickly claimed any claims to be false. She then posted a picture of her very close to the president-elect, again, trying to put down any rumors of conflict between Trump and her.

Conway was reportedly on vacation with her family in Key Biscayne, Florida when she made these comments. While Conway has been part of Trump’s innermost circle, her personal opinion on Romney as a choice showed her own political leanings, and may have caused some trouble for her at work.

Conway has worked before for Mike Pence, which may have been the connection to Conway’s addition to the team. She is credited for turning Trump’s campaign around in wake of the gold star family scandal, and was by Trump’s side throughout the campaign. Conway is also the first woman to be the campaign manager of a Republican presidential campaign. The former pollster has been on the forefront for Trump’s campaign, regularly making TV appearances and clarifying Trump’s statements. Which is why, her comments against Romney came as a shock, and many have speculated that Trump is in fact upset with his campaign manager.

Trump is set to have dinner tonight with Mitt Romney.