November 28

Conway, Trump Reportedly At Odds

Since Kellyanne Conway emerged on the political world state as President-elect Donald Trump’s new campaign manager, it seemed like the former political pollster could do no wrong. Conway made her rounds on all the talk shows, clarifying any controversial Trump statement with a relaxed, calm demeanor. Conway very much gave off the impression that it was all under control, that you had misunderstood, and that Trump was somehow always right.

Which is why it has come as a shock that Conway seems to have slipped up. Conway made her regular Sunday morning show round, and had some harsh words about Trump’s potential secretary of state, Mitt Romney. A source told MSNBC that Trump is now “furious” at Conway. The source also said that it seems Conway is promoting her own agenda instead of Trumps. While Conway had strong feelings against Romney, her attacks seemed more personal than from President-elect Donald Trump.

Romney is a controversial figure because of his staunch opposition to Trump while he was running for president. The former presidential candidate was very clear that he thought all Republicans should do everything they could to make sure Donald Trump got nowhere near the Oval Office. Now, he could be a part of Trump’s victory. For many Trump supporters, this makes no sense. And it appears Conway is in that group.

On Twitter, Conway shot down any rumors of discord, tweeting, “I already have the job I want.”