November 28

Clinton’s Recount

Is the election not over?

Besides a picture of Hillary Clinton on a hike and at a bookstore, the former presidential candidate dropped off the map following her loss to President-elect Donald Trump. This loss, was in so many words, a total shock. Hillary Clinton had been planning her transition to the White House weeks before she won the election, and there is no doubt her campaign contributors were promised a sure victory, and something in return for their millions of dollars. Which is why there were phone calls and numerous meetings that went on after the loss to figure out what went wrong.

But now, Hillary Clinton appears to be back. In a lengthy Facebook post, Clinton’s camp wrote that they will help Dr. Jill Stein with the recount process in three distinct states that helped Trump win: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Formerly known as the “blue wall,” it was understood before election night that these would safely vote for Clinton.

Clinton had sad many times during her campaign that Trump had to accept the election results. Since she was sure she would win, it seems like Clinton did not want what her team now plans to do to happen to her. Her supporters took to the streets, and started to disavow the electoral college which is the reason Trump won. Clinton made is very clear that to accept the results of the election was to accept the democratic process that is fundamental to America’s government. But now, that the tables are turned, Clinton is singing a different tune. But fortunately for her, it is under the guise that all her team wants to do is be helpful to Stein, who conveniently wants a recount in these key states. There is no way that a recount in these states could cause Stein to suddenly win the White House. And Stein actually pulled many voters away from Hillary Clinton. We do not know what has been said behind closed doors, but it seems a little too convenient that Clinton can just be “helpful” to Stein, but can look at the election results that might tip in her favor.

The tables have turned, and we are seeing that Clinton is now doing the very thing she so strongly warned Trump might do. Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to point out this hypocrisy. The crazy election, it seems, will continue into the new year.