November 23

Mark Cuban Meets with Stephen Bannon in NYC

There have been a lot of political shake ups after Donald Trump shocked the world and won the presidency. While almost everyone predicted he was sure to lose to Hillary Clinton, many politicians and leaders distanced themselves from the business billionaire. And some went as far to not only distance themselves, but actively advocate against them. One of the most noteworthy speakers against Trump was Governor Mitt Romney, who is now thought to be a top pick for secretary of state. The second, was billionaire Mark Cuban, who bashed Trump as much as he could, and sat front row at the final debate as Hillary Clinton’s guest.

Cuban said the infamous line, “I’d rather lose every penny than have Donald Trump as president.” But now, the Mavericks owner may have had a change of heart. Cuban was seen meeting with Stephen Bannon at the King Cole Bar in New York City. Gannon is the ultimate Trump insider, and was Trump’s campaign chairman. Reportedly throughout the meeting Cuban was talking, while Bannon took notes.

While Cuban has spoken highly of Bannon in the past, his outspoken words against Trump are causing a lot of people to question what happened during the meeting. The campaign was full of curveballs, and it seems like that theme will continue into the Trump presidency.