What’s Next for Chris Christie

President-elected Donald Trump shocked the world November 8th. The presidential win was perceived impossible. So much so, that those who stood by Donald Trump, especially from the beginning, are expected to seriously cash in on their loyalty. Because Republican politicians were slow, and often opposed, to siding with Trump, the ones who did stood out.

And one of the first was Governor Chris Christie. While it was thought Christie did this as a sort of diss to the Republican establishment, Christie was one of the first major GOP politicians to endorse and stand by Trump. At that point in his campaign, this was a big deal. The New Jersey governor, who is definitely a political insider, stepped outside his comfort zone to support the business billionaire. From this point, it was thought that Christie would almost definitely be Trump’s vice president. And when he was not, we got a glimpse to what the real relationship between Trump and Christie might be.

Trump chose Governor Mike Pence instead. A choice, that was surprising at the time. The little-known Indiana governor, who known amongst conservatives in DC, grabbed the coveted right hand man position. Pence had formerly endorsed Cruz in the primary. He clearly was not an original Trump supporter.

There was a lot of speculation to as why this could happen. One is that Jared Kushner, who is Trump’s son-in-law, stepped in. There are rumors that the campaign team deliberately held Trump up in Indiana to ensure he met with Pence. Trump was supposed to be on the way to meet with Christie, and offer him the position. Kushner has every reason to dislike Christie. The New Jersey governor put Kushner’s father in jail.

But while the VP position was expected, there are, of course, other options in the cabinet. But as time goes on, Christie appears to be pushed off the list. Again, it was thought Chris Christie would be appointed as Attorney General. Instead, that position was given to Senator Sessions from Alabama. What about secretary of state? It looks like that will go to Governor Mitt Romney.

Before the 2012 elections, Christie was the rising star of the GOP. After his 2012 victory in his own governor race, political pundits pinned him as the next GOP president. Time Magazine printed a cover with his face on it, titled, ‘The Elephant in the Room.’ But then, ‘Bridgegate’ happened. While Christie has not been ruled responsible for the deliberate traffic jams caused during his re-election, the damage was done. And it has been hard ever since for Christie to regain his position as the GOP darling.