November 21

Trump’s Popularity Increases

Following a very tumultuous election cycle, there is a relative sense of calm in the political world. Whereas the election was full of attack ads, media bias, and overall hysteria over either one of the candidates, the result victory of Donald Trump caused some moments of silence, and according to a new poll, some change of heart.

A new poll from POLITICO/Morning consult shows that Trump’s favorability is up. In what is considered the honeymoon period for a candidate before they become the official president, Trump’s numbers are increasing. HIs transition efforts are viewed favorably, and the parts of the process that are creating the most drama (Stephen Bannon, Senator Sessions), are considered by the people taking the poll to be non-consequential.

There have been many post-election responses. But for Donald Trump and his team, he has been offering many olive branches during his post-election days. The biggest surprise has been Governor Mitt Romney, who openly spoke out against Donald Trump. Romney met with Trump over the weekend, and it is thought he will be Trump’s secretary of state. Trump and Paul Ryan also cleaned up their relationship, and Ryan was unanimously voted to keep his Speaker of the House position.

During the election, it seemed like the factions within the Republican Party could never heal. And ironically, many of the factions came from the very person who is now bringing the party back together. Many speculated what the future of the Republican Party would be once Donald Trump won, but they never speculated what it would be like if he won. Trump in the White House just seemed too impossible. But now, different Republicans are coming together to work with Trump, and for the first time in a long time, it seems like there is unity within the party.