November 18

Buzzfeed’s Latest Quiz: How Privileged Are You?

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, there have been various reactions. The left has taken to social media, or in some cases, the streets to protest. The message they are delivering is apocalyptic. The party is worried that minorities in this country will be threatened. These worries are noteworthy, and should be addressed. But Buzzfeed published a way to try bring up the topic that furthers the divide between the left and the right, in this propelled culture of social targeting. The quiz is titled: ‘How privileged are you?”

The quiz includes various questions that put you in whatever social box they have already created. You check boxes if it applies to you. The first question is “I am white,” and are followed with more questions like “I have never been called a racial slur.”

Then, it progresses to questions about sexuality. One of the questions is “I am a man.”

Then, to economic questions like “I have never gone to bed hungry.” Or, “I went to summer camp.” Quickly escalating to questions about traveling, frequent miles, parents being married, etc.

At the end, the test allows you to “check my privilege.”

The quiz then aims to explain to you your “privilege” and says it “is not your responsibility to educate those with more advantages than you, but if you decide you want to, go ahead and send them this quiz.”

Every person has their own struggles, their own pains, and are trying to get through their life in their own personal way. While some people have different hardships than others, creating quizzes like this one does nothing but further drive people apart. To try and shame someone for their privilege does not create a conversation, it creates a separation. Trump won the election. It is a democratic process. It is time to come together and begin working with one another, instead of pointing fingers at one another or shaming one another.