November 17

Can Clinton Supporters Push Out Trump?

When it was thought Donald Trump had zero chance of winning the White House, there were many concerns that the Republican candidate would not accept the election results. So much so, that it was mentioned more than once by Hillary Clinton, and Democrat leaders on various networks. Trump said he would accept, “if he won,” which sparked even more of a reaction. The reactions were one that Trump would take out the very threads of our democracy. The story was used to paint a picture of him as someone with no respect for the American government system which is the backbone for our country.

And the, the unthinkable happened: Donald Trump won the electoral college numbers he needed to win the White House. Now, as everyone knows, you can win the popular votes, but if you do not win the electoral college, you do not win the White House. This is why there are so many visits to so called purple states, to try and get those swing votes to get the magical 270 number. The electoral college is based on the congressional districts in each state. For example, California gets the most electoral college votes because it has the most people in the state.

There are some states that have rules that allow the electoral college members to vote their conscience over what the people voted. It is similar to the delegate system. These two checks are considered obsolete to many Americans, but they are a fundamental part to the election process. This was what was argued by the left when it was thought Clinton would win.

Clinton won the popular vote, but failed to win the states she needed. Now, there is a petition on signed by more that 4.3 million people with the hope to have the Electoral College choose Clinton over Trump. The argument is that Clinton won the popular vote, and therefore should win the presidency. It says that Trump is “unfit to serve.” Alexander Hamilton wrote in “The Federalist Paper” that the Constitution is in order to make sure “that the office of the President will never fail to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” So, for those who are against Donald Trump, this is the time the Founding Fathers had been worried about, and it is time to stop Trump from entering the Oval Office.  But really, the purpose is to stop someone who wins an overwhelming popular vote, and then the electoral college can divert it through the use of representatives.

It is highly unlikely the electoral college will elect Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. But those on, as well as the thousands of protesters, are trying to find a way. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, many on the left want to take down what they held so dear before Trump was elected.