November 16

Trump’s Hollywood Star Protected

There have been varying actions to protest Donald Trump’s presidency. From long social media posts, to shutting down interstates with protests, to breaking car windows or starting fires, it is very clear that those who oppose Donald Trump want their message to be heard. While this same group was very worried Donald Trump supporters would not accept the reality that Hillary Clinton was president, they are getting a taste of their own medicine. The action could be perceived as hypocritical. Regardless, the protesters are using their first amendment right and taking it to the streets. That is something we value in democracy, so while the protests continue, major political leaders have not seriously addressed the unrest. Democratic leaders have been pretty quiet over the protests, as they truly did not perceive Trump had a chance in beating Hillary Clinton.

One thing that is being protected during these days of protests, which sometime turn violent, is Donald Trump’s Hollywood star. The star is covered so that protesters cannot hurt the star. This star has been vandalized, and smashed, already during the election season. So this time, there are preventative measures being taken.

Trump’s campaign was often painted by Democrats to be one that invoked violence. In contrast, it was the Democrats who were all about peace and unity. But from the aftermath of this campaign, and the results of the election, words and actions are quite different. There are pictures of broken windows and destroyed private property as well as graffiti on walls. The star covered up, although a small detail, shows the other side to preach a message, but then act differently.