November 16

Inside the Trump, Cruz Relationship

One of the most interesting relationships during the Republican primary and the general election was most definitely between Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. This hot and cold relationship kept news stations very busy throughout the primary.

Cruz and Trump started out in the primary as allies, clearly siding with one another in the first debates. Cruz, in fact, seemed to be one of the only candidates out of the other 15 who took Trump seriously. Now, we do not know if that was from a strategic reason, as no one at this point thought Trump would make it through to the end, or, if it was out of genuine alignment of conservative principles and ideologies. Regardless, we saw the relationship head south pretty fast after Cruz won Iowa, and it seemed like Trump and Cruz would be the top contenders for the coveted position.
And then, as it came down to Cruz and Trump with Kasich hanging on but no wins under his belt, the relationship went from bad to worse. Cruz was the leader of the #nevertrump movement. He spoke openly about how Trump was actually part of the establishment, and was trying to fool true conservatives into voting for him. The Texas senator teamed up with Carly Fiorina, and launched a full blown attack on the business billionaire. And, of course, Trump hit him right back. Cruz constructed a website with the sole purpose of attacking Trump. Trump retweeted a picture from one of his supporters who put a picture of Melania Trump looking glamorous, next to Heidi Cruz looking not so glamorous. The Internet exploded in reactions. Trump dropped the hint that Cruz’s father was part of the JFK assassination, and then he won Indiana. Cruz clearly lost. His grassroots, conservative message lost. He was insulted by Trump, and he insulted Trump. The memory of the two joking on the debate stage was easily forgotten, and it seemed impossible for the two to come back together.
And then, came the Republican National Convention. The party was putting pressure on its members to put aside differences, and come together in solidarity for the presumptive nominee. At this point, however, it still seemed like Trump could never beat Hillary Clinton. In fact, it seemed like the end to the Republican Party as we knew it. Factions were emerging as the #nevertrump movement looked towards the future. But it seemed like Ted Cruz was going to eat humble pie, and speak at the Republican National Convention to show support for Donald Trump. He was definitely a keynote speaker, as many members in the audience were former Ted Cruz supporters. That speech became a center point of the convention. Right as Cruz was finishing up his speech, and it was clear he was not endorsing Trump, the crowd started to boo and Donald Trump himself showed up, taking away the attention from Cruz and back onto himself. It was a moment that people in the crowd would never forget.
But it was also a moment that marked the divide between Trump and Cruz. Cruz showed that he was not going to cave on his conservative principles and his stances on Trump, and it seemed like he was gearing up 2020 and his next presidential run. He eventually came around and said he would vote for Trump, but it was not overly enthusiastic. As everyone stepped away from Trump, Cruz definitely was not by his side.
And now, Ted Cruz was pictured leaving Trump Towers. Sources say Donald Trump is considering Cruz, who he formerly nicknamed “Lyin Ted” as Attorney General. Cruz has a Harvard law degree, and was appointed solicitor general of Texas in 2003. He is well practiced in law, and this position would most likely be approved by Congress.
The tumultuous relationship between Cruz and Trump started as friends, and now, might progress to colleagues. In a presidential election that was full of surprises, this one may be the biggest. Or, it shows that Republicans really are putting down their differences, and learning to work together to form a cohesive party.