November 14

The Time is Now for Republicans

“Mitt Romney called to congratulate me on the win. Very nice!”

These are words that we thought we would never read. Especially, from Donald Trump’s Twitter handle. But then again, many people also thought we would never see Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. There have been a lot of changes, a lot of curveballs, and a lot of surprises throughout this election cycle. But now, as the dust settles, it is time to look forward.

The initial shock of the 2016 elections is now over, and the Republican Party is looking towards the future. One aspect that hopefully is incorporated, is unity. After what seemed like the messiest Republican primary in recent history, the GOP, somehow, came out on top. Regardless of the fact that very people like Mitt Romney openly spoke about, and against, Donald Trump as the candidate, Trump connected with voters to give a message that clearly they agreed with, and voted because of it. Despite Hillary Clinton having majority of her party’s endorsement, and despite having major celebrities campaign for her, Clinton was not able to convince the voters she needed in crucial swing states that she would be the one to make America a better country. Trump, regardless of not having any of the things Clinton had, did.

It is truly remarkable what Donald Trump did, and it is historical. Trump was laughed at, attacked, and fought all the way till the end. He had the media against him, and even his own party against him, but Trump, instead, focused on his voters. He ignored the polling and the political insiders giving him advice, and instead, cruised up to numerous states on his private jet and gave a populist message to thousands at his rallies. He won as an outsider who was against the Washington machine, and who promised to restore the economy. He took a hardline on immigration (a little too hard at times), and addressed national security in a hair raising way. But with this message, he was able to convince voters he would be a man of action rather than a politician of empty promises.

The core reason that Donald Trump’s voters voted for him, was because of his campaign message “Make America Great Again.” For many Americans, they saw their quality of life at a level they thought should be much higher. They voted for Trump for a variety of reasons, but mostly, it was for economic reasons.

And this, at the core, is why the Republican Party does well. The economy was the message thrown out to voters in the 2014 Congressional elections, and the GOP won a huge majority in the House, and won back the majority in the Senate. And so it is no surprise, that in this election, Trump’s strong message on the economy is the thing that really set him apart. His message as a “businessman” versus a politician was one that voters thought meant he would actually enact change that would turn the economy around.

Despite the many factions within the Republican Party, the economy is one that almost all can agree with. Lower taxes, less government, less regulation, and less red tape. Those were the types of messages that won Trump the White House. As the GOP moves forward, it is time to put our differences aside, and look at what unites us. One thing everyone can agree on, is “Making America Great Again.” With a majority in the House, the Senate, and a Republican president, the time is now for conservatives to unite, and enact real change and reforms that can put our money where our mouths are, literally. The messy presidential race is over, and now, it is time to move forward together as one, cohesive party.