November 10

The Hypocritical Trump Protests

The left claims to be a party of inclusion. That was one of Hillary Clinton’s main points of reference when she compared herself to Donald Trump. Her supporters dislike Donald Trump because they say he is divisive. They say that he targets certain groups, and because of this, has no place in the White House.

But the division is now trickling to the Hillary Clinton groups. Many anti-Trump people took to the streets to protest him winning the 2016 election. In Los Angeles, protesters shut down a freeway in the downtown area. One protester told CNN that “there will be casualties.” There was a shooting in Seattle at a protest. Protesters in Oakland lit an American flag on fire, and there are pictures of shattered windows and burned objects. 40 fires were started. Lady Gaga joined the 5,000 protesters in front of Trump Towers in Washington, D.C. Chants included “Not my president,” as protesters refuse to accept the results from Tuesday.

The irony of this is obvious. When the media and the polls thought Donald Trump would most definitely lose to Hillary Clinton, it was all about Trump and the possibility he might not accept Tuesday’s results. People said this showed how much he did not know about the democratic system, how little he regard he had for the presidential system, and how little respect he had for America as a whole. They said his protesters were the ones that were violent, as Trump was a candidate who invoked violence in the people that follow him. They said this shows who he is as a person.

There were 30 people arrested. There was vandalism, assaults on police officers, failure to dispense firearms. Three police cars were damaged. Protesters are destroying private property, blocking streets, writing swear words on busses.

For a group that criticized Trump so much for potentially not accepting the results of a democratic system, these actions seem absurdly hypocritical. The American people voted, they chose Donald Trump. These protests are excluding millions of Americans from their supposedly “inclusive” attitude.

What it really says about many Democrats is that they are open minded, as long as you have the same mindset. They will not contest the election or the results, as long as they are the results they want. If you value our democratic system, that stems from the enlightened idea that every person has the right to vote, then the result is Donald Trump as the 45th president. Just because you do not agree with it means you disvalue millions of people’s right to vote if you refuse to accept Donald Trump as president. You cannot be inclusive, yet exclude other peoples’ points of view.


For a party with members that proclaim they embody Michelle Obama’s words, “when they go low, we go high,” these actions seem to indicate something incredibly different.